Woodturning Projects That Take You To The Next Level

You can carve this soft stone into a lathe using the alabaster. With your skills and creativity, you can make beautiful alabasters. This is one of the most important and most used wooden products in the kitchen. In Naturopathy, wooden spoons are used to fetch wood lathe turning projects prepared herbs to avoid metal contaminations. Start with small, shallow bowls (about 8″ diameter) with a large opening. These characteristics will provide easy access for shaping the interior of the bowl and allow you to focus on mastering the cuts.

wood turning projects

After starting with simple projects for practice you can move up a little and try your hand on some simple yet practical projects. Continually trying something different, but keep things inside your skill level until you are comfortable with the different techniques. Esty is an online marketplace for people to shop through various categories of products, similarly to Amazon. It is most widely known for their unique products, both hand made and manufactured. Shopify is a point of sale application that allows you to create product listing for your business.

Another advantage this wood turning project has is that it needs only a small amount of wood to make. This makes it possible to save a few dollars on wood bought. Beautifully-crafted and wood-turned chess pieces will be loved by all, from the learner to the chess masters. And luckily for woodturners, table and chair legs are very easy to make and the process is straightforward. This has been a popular kitchen tool over many years and its main use to hold cooked eggs for eating.

Amazing Wood Turning Projects

But what happens when your chisel, trowel or broom falls out of it’s handle? But, with the help of a wood lathe, you can salvage it by creating a brand new handle. A lidded box is also another unique homemade gift idea, and you can even go a step further by engraving a personalized message on the side of it to mark a special occasion. A beautifully carved wooden box is another classic piece of home decor that looks fantastic and serves a purpose. There’s also a variety of sizes you can create, from a small jewelry box right up to a huge chest for storing your tools in.

Statistically, woodturning probably ranks among the safer tasks performed with power tools. Still, there are basic safety practices you should learn and follow to ensure woodworking safety. But as mentioned, we can’t say which project is the best https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ item for you. If you love woodworking, and make some beautiful & high-quality products with passion, people will definitely buy it. ​I would like to say one of the most significant things that wood pens are pretty popular turning projects ever.

These are just twelve of the many projects you’ll be able to undertake using a wood lathe and, honestly, the possibilities are endless. Unique and exciting, you’re guaranteed to be the only person on the planet with that piece of furniture. Chair and table legs are a relatively easy thing https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/gallery/wood-lathe-projects/ to produce on a lathe, and you’ll be able to create intricate designs using a hammer and chisel as the wood is spun around for you. All you need to do is to have the right wood material and tools to get started. You can then sell your ready-made products or make products for people.


When you feel ready to try your first bowl, make sure you don’t attempt anything too large or ambitious. Simple bowls can be elegant and graceful, and trying to make one will help develop your skills greatly. For some people, once they start turning pens, they no longer want to turn anything else, choosing instead to specialize in this one area. Here’s a very informative page that takes you through everything you need to know about making basic bottle stoppers. You will find details about what you need to buy, the correct techniques to use and a lot more besides.

wood turning projects

But I personally believe that oak is probably the least nice to work with. Make beautiful last-minute gifts on the lathe while trimming down your scrap collection. Wood turning can be addictive with the smell texture and feel of polished wood. Good luck with the craft fayre, I have only done the one and it was nice when people compliment the work you have on sale, it makes it all worthwhile. I did not put any fancy shaping into the pestle other than a good solid handle to grip whilst pounding and crushing herbs. It seemed to be well received as a gift idea and could be made by any beginner.

This makes wood turned flower pots and vases a long-lasting option for home owners and floriculturists. Wood turned boxes with lid can serve as treasure boxes or boxes to keep fancy items or valuables. These also serve as perfect gifts on any occasion and to anyone.

  • What makes this project so amazing is that its asymmetry can be exotic and even mistakes can be transformed into something decorative.
  • Most commonly made from maple, beechwood or cherry, you can custom make your own rolling pin using a wood lathe.
  • When it’s time to buy new tools, take advantage of developments in modern tool steels.
  • You will need a variety of gouges and chisels, a scraper, a parting tool, and a sander.

While wood turning technically falls under the umbrella of woodworking, it is often considered a completely different craft. A 1⁄2″ spindle gouge and a 1⁄2 ” bowl gouge will be the tools you rely on for many shaping operations. Their flutes are shaped differently and the cutting ends are ground with different bevel angles.